About Us.

Sigma Oil Seeds (SOS) is a producer, importer and distributor of specialized oils, fats and derivatives. We believe that partnerships and collaborations are the most important principles of doing business.

Business Values

Quality, traceability, CSR and service are SOS’ most important values. It is the aim of the company to establish sustainable business relationships with our partners. A key role for SOS is therefore to give an excellent service and maintain high quality standards as well as responsible and traceable sourcing of our raw materials. We combine this by offering a flexible and open-minded service. 

Customer Service

SOS is a very flexible partner to work with. We can assist our customers by formulating their products for use in the food and cosmetic industry. Our goal is to always reply within 24 hours. We work with local distributors and agents to serve our customers in their desired language. We can also assist in the logistics of the goods and always respect the supply chain. We have a wide sourcing range and can help in the sourcing and developing of new products.

Product development

Development is one of our core business values. We work closely together with laboratories and partners for the development of your future products. We have multiple local sourcing teams to secure the best quality (organic) products for our customers.

‘’We believe in the growth of the African continent and have been committed to being sustainable from the first day that Sigma was established’’