The MoSagri project is a sustainable organic farming corporation based in Mozambique. Mozambique is one of the poorest countries in the world. Our partner MoSagri Ltd. has taken the brave steps to cultivate an organic certified Moringa farm including a processing unit. The objective of this project is to act in a close cooperation with the local community. The conditions and degree of the local involvement and local cooperation will have an impact on the major indicators of social performance. The start of the commercial cultivation of Moringa is an important trigger for the rural development in Mozambique; It creates a large number of jobs as well as it provides great opportunities for the outgrowers to develop climate smart agriculture in rural areas. Furthermore, moringa can play an important role in fighting malnutrition.

MoSagri x Sigma


Sigma Oil Seeds and Mosagri have decided to become partners and combine each other’s longer-term goals and objectives. The access to (sustained) local production and farming of the Moringa leaves and seeds gives Sigma Oil Seeds the opportunity to create a 100% transparent sustainable supply-chain. This supply chain is focused on sharing costs, benefits and to combine each other’s strengths.


MoSagri and SOS are committed to sustainable development with a straight focus on Africa. We believe in the growth of the African continent and are proud to have MoSagri as a partner, so we can maintain our longer-term goals. The seeds are prepared by the local community in Mozambique. After this process, the raw materials are being shipped to Europe and further processed to their end products.

The Moringa Tree

The Moringa Tree, also known as the Tree of Life, has been used for centuries by many different traditional cultures, including the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. The tree gives the local community the opportunity to farm different types of raw materials from the same crop. The farm is mainly focused on the production of Moringa leaves and seeds.

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Moringa Oil

The oil extracted from moringa seeds is often used in cosmetic lotions and other formulations. These lotions are used for skin applications in connection with anti-aging. The oil can also be used for cooking. Click on the icon to read more on the product page.

Moringa Powder

Moringa leafs are dried and then crushed, to produce a fine green powder. It has a lot of the benefits that the moringa oil has and can be used for a variety of things. Click on the icon to go to the page.

Moringa Cake Expeller

This by-product from the cold-pressing process still contains a lot of the nutritional benefits of the moringa tree. Some uses are water purification and animal feed. Please contact us if you're interested.