Allanblackia Oil.

Allanblackia oil is used in margarines as well as cosmetic products, like body lotions. The melting point is around 40 degrees Celcius and this makes it a great option to add to products that have to be solid at room temperature.

Allanblackia oil is a cold-pressed vegetable butter from the seeds of the Allanblackia tree. The Allanblackia tree is commonly found in the wet tropical rain belt of West- Central- and East-Africa (from Sierra Leone to Tanzania). It grows mainly in tropical rainforests, but can also be found on cultivated farmland areas. Our Allanblackia seeds are wild- harvested by our local partners.

The Allanblackia oil has ideal melting properties. The melting curve acts as a good base to create vegetable oil blends. This makes the allanblackia oil a great base for blends in which, for example,  the melting properties need to be higher. In that way the allanblackia oil is a perfect alternative to Palm oil, Shea butter, and Cacao butter. You can find the specifications in the table below.

The Allanblackia oil is processed in Europe and perfect to use in food products like margarines, spreads, for use in baking and savory.

It can also be used for cosmetic products like creams, soaps and lotions. It is a strong emollient, stabilizer and oxidatively stable. We have already created some personal care and make-up formulations with our Allanblackia oil.

Please contact us with any questions about this product. There are datasheets, formulations and samples of this product available upon request.

INCI: allanblackia floribunda
Product Specifications

Available Quality

Formulations & Data
Pearling Creamy Body Lotions
Natural Lipstick
Moringa Lipbalm
Hydrating Body Butter
Allanblackia Properties Brochure
Allanblackia Blends

Typical Values

10 %
Oleic acid
1 %
Stearic acid
0 %