Black Cumin Seed Oil.

Black cumin oil has multiple uses. It can be used internally, where it is soothing for the digestive system amongst other benefits. It can also be used externally, for example as a healing oil.

Black Cumin Oil is obtained from the ripe seeds of the black cumin plant (nigella sativa L.), which belongs to the crowfoot or buttercup family (ranunculaceae). Its ripe seeds have a fatty oil content ranging between 30 and 35% and have an essential oil content of up to 2%. Although originally native to Egypt, black cumin is now mainly cultivated in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and India.

The organic cold-pressed Black cumin oil is a brown oil with a typical smell and taste. It can be used internally and externally. The Black cumin is a popular supplement. Black cumin oil contains essential oils and polyunsaturated fatty acids. It is soothing for the digestive system. In naturopathy black cumin oil is used as a healing oil. The contained essential oils give black cumin oil its intensive taste. It also has a high content of essential oils for a fat oil.

The oil is also used in the cosmetics industry. The oil is especially nourishing and an excellent base in the production of creams, peelings and face masks.

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INCI: nigella sativa seed oil
Product Specifications
Cold-Pressed/Virgin Available Quality

Typical Values

10 %
Palmitic acid
1 %
Oleic acid
1 %
Linoleic acid