Organic Coconut Oil.

Sigma Oil Seeds also works with refined and virgin coconut oil. Our refined organic coconut oil is refined in the Netherlands. We always serve a fresh product that can be used in the food and oleochemical industry.

Our organic Coconut oil has an African or Asian origin. The products are cultivated locally and the crude oil is imported to the Netherlands. We refine the oil at our partner in the Netherlands, so we can serve a fresh product and an outstanding quality. The oil is generally known as a good product to use in food as well as oleochemical applications. We are also able to offer Virgin Organic Coconut oil and MCT oils.

Please contact us with any questions about this product. There are datasheets, formulations and samples of this product available upon request.

INCI: cocos nucifera oil Product Specifications
Available Quality
Virgin Organic

Typical Values

10 %
Lauric acid
1 %
Myristic acid
1 %
Palmitic acid