Moringa Leaf

The moringa leaf powder is crushed from dried moringa leafs. Like all other derivatives of the moringa tree, it has great specifications and a lot of health benefits.

Moringa Leaf Powder is produced by our partner MoSagri in Mozambique. Moringa leafs are dried and crushed to get the fine green powder. It contains a lot of healthy nutrients and has a great deal of health benefits.

The leaf powder is totally organic, so the product has not been irradiated or genetically modified in any way. It has a delicate grass fragrance smell and tastes fresh and light, with a soft, balanced bitterness.

Moringa leaf powder is a simple way to fulfill nutritional needs. In this powder form it can be added to foods and beverages, for example in smoothies. It is popular for it’s great protein, minarals and vitamins content.

Please request for the datasheets and price indications if you would like to know more about this product.

INCI: moringa oleifera leaf powder
Product Specifications
Dried & Crushed into Powder
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