Sourcing Project

Long term partnerships with local suppliers

We aim to contribute in partnerships with local farms, this is our promise since day one and part of our root strengths. Over the past years we have been involved in several projects with the ambition of improving socio-economic conditions of the local community and supporting organic agriculture with technical support.

Africa - Organic Moringa Oil

Our first cooperation was for organic Moringa seeds and Moringa Leaf powder from a small village in Mozambique. The moringa seeds were supplied by the local community, after which they were dried and then shipped to Europe. Here we pressed the seeds to oil, according to European quality norms. For the leaf powder this process took place in origin.

Africa - Organic Coconut Oil

By importing organic coconut oil from the African continent, we have build a unique cooperation, with the same quality standard as from Asia, and with a lower footprint. We work closely with two farms in East and West Africa for virgin material. In addition, we import crude material and refine this in The Netherlands.

Europe - Organic Walnuts

Why take this from another continent if it grows so nearby? That is why we work closely with farms in Ukraine, Moldova and Romania for the sourcing of organic walnuts. We buy the ‘not good enough’ walnuts for the supermarket, but still with pure excellent oil. By doing this, we try to contribute against food waste and can serve good quality oil.

Africa - Organic Argan Oil

Morocco is known for its Argan trees, the so-called ‘Tree of Life’. The kernels of the trees are used to make argan oil. We work closely together with an organization that stimulates the local economy by fair share. Especially, local women from small villages who get a fair price for their work, which includes collecting, removing and hand-cracking of the fruit.