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Sigma Oil Seeds is an importer, trader and producer of specialized oils and fats mainly from Africa.
We work closely together with farmers and source directly from the origin. We have local partnerships in Ghana and South-Africa that takes care of our local sourcing. We import our raw materials to Europe and further process them to guarantee an outstanding quality. Sigma Oil Seeds is also organic certificated.

SOS’s has for their main products always oilseeds and oils on stock. We can crush the oilseeds on demand and are also able to source new raw materials on demand. Sigma has a worldwide sourcing network that could assist you in sourcing your requested raw material.

We are focusing on Africa and alternative raw materials, because we believe in the growth of the African continent and have been committed to being sustainable from the first day that Sigma was established.

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Our Products


Moringa oil could be used in cosmetic formulations and has unique characteristics for the human body, skin and hair care.


Our Macadamia nut oil is a unique products that could be used in the food market as well as the oleochemical industry.


The Baobab seed oil is a very unique product and being wild- harvested in the Northern part of Ghana.


The Allanblackia oil can be used in margarines as well as cosmetic products like body lotions. The melting point is around 40*C so it is ideal for use in products that must be solid at room temperature.

Organic Coconut

Our RBD OCNO is being refined in the Netherlands on demand. We always serve a fresh product that can be used in the food and oleochemical industry.


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