Sigma Oil Seeds

Specialized oils and fats from Africa



Sigma Oil Seeds (SOS) is an importer, producer and distributor of (organic) special oils, fats and derivatives, mainly from Africa.

We work closely together with local farmers and source directly from the origin. We believe that partnerships and collaborations are the most important principles of doing business.

Our Business

The MoSagri Project

The MoSagri project is a sustainable organic farming corporation based in Mozambique. The principles are based on sharing values, with a clear focus on sustainability and local embedding. Mosagri Ltd. exploits a Moringa farm and produces 100% organic Moringa products. SOS has a partnership and shares costs and benefits of this sustainable agribusiness project.

Sigma Oil Seeds

SOS is a producer, importer and distributor of organic oils, fats, and derivatives. Sigma works closely together with their local partners and has a very high valuation on traceability. Therefore, SOS’ organic products are 100% traceable, guaranteed organic and have high European quality. Thus, we strive to combine the beauty of the African organic products with European quality standards.

Organic Lecithin

SOS and Pure & Organic are the official European distributor for the organic lecithin harvest brands produced by the Adams group. This organic lecithin is 100% traceable, non-GMO and has an USA origin. The organic lecithin is a byproduct of refining organic Rapeseed, Soybean and Sunflower Oil. The lecithin functions as an emulsifier in the food and cosmetics industry.