Oil Mill

Overlooking the supply chain - from raw material to oil

In the beginning of 2022, we invested in our own state-of-art production facility, Located in Zaandam at our partner Flexitank Solutions. The production facility will consist of two separate production lines, one dedicated to organic nut oils and the other for specialty seed oils. Due to our production, we will also have high quality food grade protein cake expellers and powders available.

With a crushing facility we aim to produce high-quality oils and offer flexibility due to the possibilities of multiple configurations on the press. This way we can press a multitude of different oilseeds. We also have a filtration step in the production, to guarantee a clear and clean end-product, free of sediments.

The location of the production facility is at Flexitank Solutions. With their handling and filling capabilities, we have a very efficient supply chain. Due to this, we have can also provide our products in end-consumer packaging. 

A collection of oils that we supply are pressed in origin, and are shipped to The Netherlands by containership or tank truck. These are also packed and distributed, or sometimes refined, constantly keeping the customers’ wishes and demands in mind.

A selection of our organic productions

Black Cumin Oil

Hazelnut Oil

Hazelnut Oil

Sesame Oil


Walnut Oil