Organic Palm Oil.

A popular oil with a typical smooth and creamy texture. This makes the palm oil a great ingredient in a large diversity of products, mainly in the food and cosmetics industry. Also available as organic olein and stearin.

General palm oil information
Palm oil is the most widely used oil in the world. It comes from the fruits of the oil palm tree (elaeis guineensis). The tree grows in regions around the equator, so it’s a tropical tree with leaves that can be 5 meters long.

The fruit gets produced when the trees are about 3 to 4 years old. This fruit is about the size of olives, it has a single seed (or kernel), which is used to produce the palm kernel oil. This can in turn be turned into either palm stearin (the solid version of the fraction process) or palm olein (the liquid version of the fraction process).

We are able to offer organic palm oil, organic palm stearin and organic palm olein.

Why is it used and what is it used for?
Because it’s a very efficient crop, the oil is widely available. It has the highest yield compared to other oil crops (per hectare of land). It is used by food and non-food manufacturers, since it has so many functional properties and benefits. The oil provides a semi-solid consistency and long-term stability. It also performs very well at high temperatures, with cooking for example. It’s also a great ingredient in many products, since it has a smooth and creamy texture and no smell.

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INCI: elaeis guineensis oil
Product Specifications
Refined Palm Oil
Refined Stearin
Refined Olein

Available Quality

Typical Values

10 %
Palmitic acid
1 %
Oleic acid