Baobab Oil.

The Baobab seed oil is a very unique product, being wild-harvested in the Northern part of Ghana. The typical values of our baobab oil make it excellent to use in cosmetic formulations.

Our Baobab oilseeds are all sourced from Africa. The tree can be found in different parts of Africa, it may grow up to 25 meters high and can become more than a thousand years old.

These seeds are cold-pressed in Europe according to the EU- cosmetic standards to guarantee the best quality for our customers. The oils have a very low FFA (Free Fatty Acids) and PV (Peroxide Value) because of the excellent crushing conditions. Baobab oil has a balanced ratio of Oleic and Linoleic acid and a typical high value of Palmitic acid.

The Baobab oil is cold-pressed and is excellent to use in cosmetic formulations. It protects the skin from trans epidermal water loss and it is non sensitizing and irritating. Our Baobab oil is a great alternative to Avocado and Argan oil.

Please contact us with any questions about this product. There are datasheets, formulations and samples of this product available upon request.

INCI: adansonia digitata seed oil
Product Specifications
Available Quality
Formulations & Data Pearling Creamy Body Lotions Natural Lipstick Grey Shade Hair Cream Hydrating Body Butter Baobab Properties Brochure

Typical Values

10 %
Palmitic acid
1 %
Oleic acid
1 %
Linoleic acid