Argan Oil.

Argan oil, also called ‘Moroccan gold’ in the origin regions, is a rare and special oil that has extremely beneficial properties for skin, body and hair care.

General Information
The Argan tree (argania spinosa) grows exclusively in the south-west of Morocco. The name locals have given the oil is ‘Moroccan gold’, which refers to the immensely rare, long and special production process and properties of the oil. Around 21 million trees grow on the Souss plain, which covers more than 800,000 hectares. The trees can reach a height of 8 to 10 meters and some live as long as 200 years.
This species of tree bears fruit around age 5. The roots of the trees combine into a network that reaches very deep into the earth and which protects the land against soil erosion and encroachment.

The fruit is an oval berry, which is comparable to a large olive in size. Within there is a nut with one or two kernels. One tree can produce 10kg of fruit on average every year.

What makes the Argan oil so special is the age old tradition of the Berber women in Morocco. Their techniques of extraction, perfected over centuries, has been passed down from mother to daughter. Only recently has this amazing oil found it’s way to Europe and the rest of the world.

Uses of the traditional argan oil
The Berbers mainly used the argan oil for protection from the harsh climatic conditions (such as strong winds and burning sun). The oil is very popular in the cosmetics industry, for products focused on the skin, body and hair, but also massage products. The chemical properties of the argan oil give it a lot of benefits for our body’s health. The ‘Oleic acid’ in the oil soothes and softens the skin and gives it shine. The ‘Linoleic acid’, which is an essential fatty acid, gives the oil hydrating properties.

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INCI: argania spinosa kernel oil Product Specifications Cold-Pressed Available Quality Organic

Typical Values

1 %
Palmitic acid
1 %
Oleic acid
1 %
Linoleic acid